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Honeycomb Packing Paper Roll - White


The honeycomb paper wrap is a spectacular option when you need the molding and protection of traditional bubble wrap, but want something far more sustainable and beautiful. It is made of Kraft paper- fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Thick, sturdy, heavy-duty.
Certified recyclable wood pulp kraft paper.

When pulled, the paper expands into a honeycomb structure that protects against external factors, making the package shockproof.

Made of recyclable kraft paper, the honeycomb protective wrap is entirely biodegradable.
Packed entirely plastic-free.

You get 164ft of compact paper (before stretching) - twice the length when expanded.

11.8" x 164ft (Ships in May):
(30cm x 50m)
Perfect for smaller items, such as beauty products, supplement containers, candles, photo frames etc.

19.7" x 164ft (Ships in May):
(50cm x 50m)
Perfect for larger items, such as large photo frames, gift boxes, artwork (combine it with acid-free archival paper), etc.

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