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Available in Mini and Full Size

"Minis" Pack Includes:

2x Green Compostable Mailers - 13"x15.7" (33cm x 40cm);
1x Pre-cut Honeycomb Packing Paper Sheet - 19.7"x5ft (50cm x 1.5m);
1x Pre-cut Water-activated Kraft Paper Tape 2.83"x5ft (7cm x 1.5m);
1x Plastic-Free Eco Stickers Sheet.

"Full Size" Pack Includes:
5x Green Compostable Mailers - 13"x15.7" (33cm x 40cm);
1x Pre-cut Honeycomb Packing Paper Sheet - 19.7"x15ft (50cm x 4.5m);
1x Water-activated Kraft Paper Tape 2.83"x328ft (7cm x 100m);
1x Plastic-Free Eco Stickers Sheet.

Honeycomb Packing Paper Description:

An eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap , naturally biodegradable, compostable and fully recyclable.
The honeycomb paper wrap is a spectacular option when you need the molding and protection of traditional bubble wrap, but want something far more sustainable and beautiful.

Compostable Mailers Description:
Made of 100% Plant Based Materials (PLA+PBAT+Corn Starch), each mailer disintegrates into hummus that enriches the soil with nutrients. It is home & commercially compostable within 180 days. Certified Compostable, OK Compost Austria TUV.

Water-activated Kraft Paper Tape Description:
- Fully Recyclable Kraft Paper Tape;
- Water-activated: spray the glue side with water or wet with a soaked sponge to activate glue.
- Extra Adhesive Power so your packages will be delivered safely;
- Not only is it greener, it also performs better than plastic, creating a stronger hold on corrugated, providing superior protection to your package.


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