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Plant-based Cello Tape


Plant-based, biodegradable packing tape made from cellulose.

What is Cellulose?
Discovered in 1833, cellulose is a substance located inside the cell walls of plants. It’s composed of a long chain of glucose molecules, making it a polysaccharide (the scientific term for carbohydrate).

When several cellulose chains of hydrogen bond together, they form into something called microfibrils, which are incredibly inflexible and tough. The rigidity of these microfibrils makes cellulose an excellent molecule to use in bioplastic production.

Moreover, cellulose is the most plentiful biopolymer in the entire world, and its particles have minimal environmental impacts. Though there are several different forms of cellulose. Cellulose food packaging is usually cellophane, a clear, thin, biodegradable plastic-like material.

Each roll dimensions:
Width: 1.73"(4.4cm)
Length: 164ft (50m)
Thickness: 54 microns

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