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Sample Pack | Honeycomb Packing Paper + Tissue Paper + Tape

This “honeycomb” structured wrap paper is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to the well-known plastic bubble wrap! The paper is thick and sturdy. When pulled, it expands into a honeycomb structure able to protect such fragile items as plates and glassware.

The Sample Pack includes:

1. Honeycomb Packing Paper:

- 1 pre-cut piece size 11.8" x 5ft;
- 1 pre-cut piece size 19.7" x 5ft;

2. Tissue Paper:
- 1 pre-cut piece size 11.8" x 5ft;

3. Packing Tape:
- 1 pre-cut piece water-activated packing tape 5ft;
- 1 pre-cut piece water-activated reinforced packing tape 5ft.

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